DW (May 18,1986 / Phila, PA, US)

Happy Birthday

What a long road it’s been.
I remember way back when,
The time I laid eyes on you.
I fell in love and it was true.
You're turning 21 and this is the time
To have your fun. That’s why I'm
Letting you go and play with your girls,
Since I'm not the center of your world.
I fell sorry for you because you had the best.
(Insert Name) and whoever else is totally less
When compared to my beauty, success, and charm.
You apparently wanted the opposite wrapped around your arm.
Your car accident was she in the front seat?
You see God doesn’t like ugly and He knocked you both off your feet.
She's 16 and holds your heart.
You’ve never loved me did you? That’s why we must part.
All the signs were right in front of me,
But I wanted to believe you would never deceive
But liars are cheaters and cheaters are liars.
And I pray to God you will suffer Hell’s fire.
You both are the same and deserve each other.
I hope you get a STD and let her be the result of you becoming a father.
You're worthless, a reject, and are going nowhere in life.
You better believe I will become some man’s perfect wife.
Your mind remains that of a petulant child.
That’s why I'm not surprised you were with her all the while
You were kissing, touching, and loving me.
You made this break-up destined to be.
After you’ve had your fun
The damage has already been done.
So, happy birthday and many you have many more,
Because great pain draws closer beyond anything you can endure.

Copyright © Oct.20,2006

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