Happy Birthday

Poem By Susan Casey

I would give you rainbows
crystal colours, shining white.
A golden crown would dress your hair,
so regal fair you would be.
What you will, my own fairy queen,
tiny spider webs filled with dew like tears.
If I give you everything,
will that then bring you near to me.
Still on this very special day,
you hurry far away.
Trailing blossoms as you go
a smile of joy I have often known.
I would give you rubies dear,
my own red blood...here
Just to have you near.
My wish for your birthday please is
that you stay one more day
and we can play a game,
just you and I!
Tomorrow is to be your special day.
You can choose to be here
or far away.
Heaven day or Earth birthday,
so you choose.
For you I light a gentle flame,
then I must walk my way
as you walk too.

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Susan... this is just beautiful.........

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