RG (2-28-1994 / Nevada)

Happy Birthday

Today’s your birthday…
I never paid attention to your birthday before,
Never really cared,
It never really meant anything to me.
I never thought to call,
Never thought to send a card or present,
Never thought to visit and make memories that I could remember forever,
Never even knew it was your birthday.
I always knew you were there,
But didn’t think much else.
But today’s your birthday.
Now you’ve been gone for almost a year.
And each 365 days of this year.
I have thought of you,
Thought that if I could have just have 1 more day for you,
I would call,
I would send a present,
I would visit and make all the memories in the world,
I would count down the days till your birthday,
I would be with you, and realize,
You mean the world to me,
Always did, always will.
And without you,
Everything changes.
So now I say for the first time…
Happy Birthday.

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Comments (3)

Roxy, this is amazing. truely amazing
Fine expression of the regret we feel over opportunities lost in the separation of the living from the dead. Very moving piece of writing. Thank you for inviting me to read your work.
Wow, this poem is amazing. As soon as i read it i started crying, the only thing diff. is that its for my father, an he has been gone for 3yrs. Today is his birthday. So thank you for putting words together like that, cuz i dont think i could.