Happy Birthday!

Let's celebrate your birthday in a unique way
As infinite joy brings happiness and lighten our hearts!
"Hallmark, every day you have your say, " but today, is my day
For, my heart overflows with bliss on my dearest one's birthday!

Dearest one, with whom I fell in love and landed in his life,
Now, relax yourself in the smooth rich taste of today
Though you reached another year, give thanks, and just mellow
Then we'll drink, to get our fill from the fountain of love
After that, we'll immerse in its bubbling overflow!

I'm so grateful that you were born on this day-
or any other day would've been fine as well
Did you know that every day of your birth our love is born again?
Like seasons after seasons of red and yellow leaves, gleefully swirls
in the air, and two happy hearts beats as one, and create two smiling faces!

Four years earlier, a struggle with life ensured that we're fighting
Valiantly still, and are ever so grateful for every year that we win!
Though, we drip with sweat and tears, we love still!


by Almedia Knight Oliver

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