Happy Birthday Alison

I know you will reflect
upon your life today.
The happiness can wait
so can the candles
on the cake. They flicker
as if to tell you fibs
of optical illusion
and icing, creamy pink
and sugarsweet.
So, have a piece,
a smaller one should go
onto his China plate
across from you,
where loving eyes observe
aglow, like a contented bull
la vache qui rit, in human form
Eat up, dear Allie, he will do
all dishes of next year for you.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (3)

Herbie, how could I miss this piece of delicious Birthday confectionary? I did write when you posted it on the forum and have only just discovered it recorded here for posterity. Thank you thank you thank you. And for your generous support re la vache qui rit. Bless you, you big hunk of German poet you. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Don't know how I missed this one on the day itself! Funnily fab, H, as only you can do... t x
hahahahahaha jerry gets stuck with ALL the dishes.... awwww lovely sentiments from your pen Herbert... Allie will love it ~kelly