Happy Birthday Allie

For Alison Cassidy

Today you are the birthday girl,
and I hope you have a very happy one,
with lots of friends and family around.
I would give you a hug,
but you are too far away from me.
So I am sending it over,
hope you caught it.
Go easy on the grog today,
plenty of cake no one will mind,
but the grog will put you one over the eight,
that would never do.
I hope the sun is out for you,
no clouds to mar the blue,
so you can have a wonderful day
to remember the whole year through.
There is just one more thing to say,
from that Dodgy Vicar friend far away.


by David Harris

Comments (5)

Bless you, you crazy Dodgy Vicar, for your wonderful birthday wishes and the hug (I caught it! !) . You'll be pleased to know not a dropp touched my lips on the 6th (my birthday) . I was teaching all day and I fear it might be inappropriate to teach a yoga class after a glass or two of the red stuff. I did, however, manage to help Jerry consume a little smackerel on Saturday night when we celebrated over Thai fish. Yum, yum. I am touched and flattered that you have composed such a beautiful poem for my birthday. Thanks Dave, you're a legend! love, Allie xxxx
Happy brithday Alison...
May I join in to wish dear Allie a super birthday, too. What a lovely tribute, David. Just the thoughtful sort of thing you would do (try saying that with a mouthful of birthday cake - he he) . Best wishes to Allie, and hugs to you both.... Love, Fran xxx
What a lovely birthday poem for a wonderful gal, Allie...... Of course you would be the one to give such a tribute........the man with the heart that circles the globe....marci. :)
I would love to recieve such a beautiful poem on my birthday too.