We Are The World

With so many conflicts
amongst countries and nations
it's as if we are
misusing it, god's creation.
Had he any idea,
any future's vision
he would've prevented it,
this disunity and division.
The way for our profit
we are ruining nature,
we are challenging itself
the existence of creatures.
To show our country's riches
we are expanding our many systems,
knowing that we are endangering ourselves
deep down in our wisdom.
Just to prove
that we the best,
is it okay
to forget about all the rest?
All of us, together we
represent this place,
the Earth, this planet
in the wide ranging space.
In this matter,
we together become one,
habitants of the
third planet from the sun.
Take a person, for instance
how his organs cooperate,
they work together, blinded
by love rather than hate.
No organ overpowers
another body part
and this makes our body
truly a work of art.
So why not cooperate in real life,
why not be united,
the world will be beautiful
if only we were not so divided.

by Shreshtha Goel

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what a lucky girl this sallie must be..lovely poem