Happy Birthday Barbara S.

In the North where the sun shines each day
lives young Barbara, quite near the Bay.
She keeps busy with birds
cleaning up tiny turds
and with painting the house without pay.

There are cockatiels, silent and singers,
they will nibble on visitors' fingers.
Though I wouldn't put past
that at least and at last
she's acquired a real humdinger.

How's a white one with silver crest?
And a fluffy but well endowed chest,
on her afternoon walks
she would take one that talks
in cold weather he'd hide in her vest.

It is said former neighbours are sad,
in Karana, the ones slightly mad.
They were fond of long hair
and of greetings to share
but our Barbara is really glad,

I remember her once telling me
of the op called a dicktomy
though I'm doubtful they would
or that anyone could
after all, it would change how you pee!

Well today is her birthday, at last.
She might have a great day and a blast,
started counting the years
and the ones in arrears
there were hundreds it seems in her past.

So we wish her a most pleasant time,
have a gin and a slice of fresh lime.
Many happy returns
and some flowers and ferns
and I hope you are pleased with this rhyme.

by Herbert Nehrlich

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