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Happy Birthday, Danny R.
Herbert Nehrlich (04 October 1943 / Germany)

Happy Birthday, Danny R.

Though the timing is rather uncanny,
Happy Birthday, I say, poet Danny.
On another year's crest
it may BE for the best
if you sat on that day on your fanny.

Turning old is a product of fate.
It's a mental/emotional state.
And just think of the kicks
when you're seventy six.
Your'e still growing at age forty-eight.

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Comments (6)

Just last night I had asked my own nanny what the meaning could be then for 'Fanny'. So she took a quick look in her 'natomy book and said Danny is really no fanny. H
Another clever piece of nonsense from you Herbert and a great reply from the birthday boy. (fanny in Oz is also as per Britain) How I envy you both for your facility with rhyme and wit. Happy Birthday Danny. love, Allie xxxxxxxxx
Young Danny's given this a fitting reply, I'd say! : -) Cheers to you both for your fun pieces of rhyme.
Always the Birthday poet Herbert! You do know how to make somebody's day! Happy Birthday Danny! Sincerely, Mary
Why Herbert, now you’ve got some front! Though you’ve given my ego a shunt. I’ve explained to me mates That a “Fanny” in the States Is not what we Brits call a……. Thanks H. An honour to be among your repertoire. Danny
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