Happy Birthday Love

Today's your birthday, what can I say?
To let you know how special you are to me,
And show you to that place in my heart,
Where my love for you always will be,

There forever engraved, cherished and saved,
No other love has even come close,
To imbedding in me, this deep serenity,
That comes with being the one the stars chose,

To share your thoughts as each day departs,
Embracing each tender moment we share,
Praying and awaiting 'our day' to come,
May God hold you till I touch your face,
Forever in His care,

by Vallerie Lobell

Comments (3)

love when exalted by the birthday wish soul seems to transcend by the divine will as we remember the days beyond and ahead bliss when unbaffled by the reeks of ruin, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , unique poem, i do appreciate and admire,10/10, thanks for sharing
so beautiful..............
Perfect gift for a love one... I loved it. You reminded me of the upcoming b-day of my beautiful wife Miliza on Sept 1. Thanks. Highest mark.