Happy Birthday Meggie

Today is your birthday,
and all your friends want to celebrate it with you.
Although some of us are not that close in distance,
we all want to send you a lot of big hugs,
to let you know that we care too.
We travel down many roads,
and stop occasionally on the way.
We find friends there,
whose love, friendship and faith,
touch us all in someway.
Meggie you have done that many times to all of us,
and especially to this friend,
and today is your birthday.
May it be filled with laughter and cheer
that will not only last today,
but through the coming years.
So today is your day.
Happy Birthday Meggie.
This is especially for you from me.
Love And Hug

(For Meggie Gultiano)

by David Harris

Comments (4)

Happy birthday again meggie...
Thank you David for this wonderful birthday gift. I will always treasure this..What a wonderful celebration i have today with all of you wishing me well..For all of you, from my heart to your heart..let this special memory be crafted in a special place in my heart The Lord will bless you..Thank you David! you are wonderful.. you are my gem..my special friend.Maramimg salamat po(Thank you very much) Mahal kita, (I love you) Meggie
David, what an awesome tribute to our very own angel on her birthday! I mailed her a wish! Hope that you are feeling better, and at least better than i, as we both got sick on the same day, with similar problems..and landed in hospital! . Got to leave those cigarettes alone. I quit them in the early 80's. Get well, Theo
meggie, i join david and andrew in wishing a real BIG day to u...