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Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy birthday, I must say
You’re kind and clever I can say
Wrinkles and white hair are just new looks
They won’t contribute on your attitude

Happy birthday, Mom
Thank you for helping me in what I become
Happy birthday and a beautiful June
Eat with those fingers, you don’t need a spoon!

Happy birthday and a beautiful June
Parties at your house, evenings and noons
Happy birthday for you
And i’m here to celebrate it with you today

Happy birthday, you look the same,
A few wrinkles, nothing to shame.
We all lose our external beauty,
Growing internally is our duty.

Happy birthday, on this special day,
Your eyes always shine, like the sun in May.
Andrea is definitely, a beautiful name,
Living truthfully, is nothing to shame.

Happy birthday precious soul,
You would listen and console.
In my youth, you were Mother Goose,
Fairy tales and rhymes produce.

Taught me values, I hold dear,
Never caused me any fear.
I adored you from the start,
You brought love into my heart.

* just change the name included here && the month.

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this is a nice poem..well done..thanks for sharing..