It Seem As If The Attacks On Commercial Farmers Will Never End (Free Verse Sonnet)

(after Bernard Odendaal)

It seem as if the attacks on commercial farmers will never end:
on a summer-day a farmer was killed and his wife raped,
his death-cry in the homestead did cut through her heart,
she tells that in the kitchen she does remember her powerlessness,

where two black men did surprise her and did kick and hit her,
did curse upon her and dragged and carried her to where the bedroom is,
did scream at her:"you boor whore, " stood with their faces against her,
pushed themselves into her and during raping broke her hip.

In the hospital she says:"I feel misused and so very dirty! "
Over her plans for the future she was for moments speechless,
did cry over these events and was still terrified and in pain.
"They have everything:my husband's life, my possession and the country."

"This severe pain keeps hurting and hurting"
she said angrily where in innocence she was raped and hurt.

[Reference:"Van ons korrespondent" (From our correspondent)by Bernard Odendaal.Poet's note:This event appeared on 15-10-1998 in the newspaper "Volksblad" and I do write on this as this kind of thing still keeps happening as if without end in the new South Africa and the current government wants to dispossess the farms from the commercial farmers.]

by Gert Strydom

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I'm thinking something you want bad enough is worth fighting for; but, use the brain and not the obvious weapons...very good.
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