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: Lack An Ambition
(14-2-1957 / Tamilnadu, India)

: Lack An Ambition

Lack ambition

Monday, March 12,2018
5: 19 PM

Why do women fail?
To avail
The chance
And succeed at once

Do they lack an ambition?
Or want to maintain homely relation?
I think they suffer from both
And, so with the fear, can't take an easy breath

No, they are not weak
But can't speak fiercely
Against male domination
And, as such, always get condemnation

Our society is always dominated by males
And hence there are dim chances for females
They are imposed with restrictions
For the fear of severe actions

No doubt, ladies are intelligent
And are in the position to represent
Equal to men in all the fields
Where positions are already held

Now, the situation is changing very fast
The public opinion is not against
The goal, as it is, can be achieved
In coming days, it will be me. And generally not doubted

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