Happy Birthday Risha

There is a young lady on Poemhunter
whom I call a little princess.
A little princess of poetry that is.
Her name is Risha Ahmed,
now believe or not
our little princess is a mighty big ten today.
Now if I could have written poetry
as good as she does at her tender age,
I just cannot imagine where I would be today.
She had talent I can only wish I had.
She brings joy to all who read her.
Therefore, our little princess this is your big day
and I have the pleasure of bringing some joy to you.
I hope your birthday will bring many nice surprises.
Let us hope you have a party to celebrate
with your family and all your friends.
Who will wish you a happy birthday
now you are a mighty ten.
I know at Poemhunter you have lots of friends who will,
like me want to wish you a happy birthday too.
So all that needs to be said is,
Enjoy today and everyday through the year ahead.

(For Risha Ahmed/21 August 2007)

by David Harris

Comments (6)

best wishes to risha and a nice dedication david...............well penned
Such a tender age, lets hope she will have a wonderfull life ahead of her, and as for you David, you come across as a real strength on this sight, are you Scottish by any chance? Love duncan X
David....Thanks for such lovely poem on my birthday. You made my day.. Love you...................Risha
Happy Birthday Little Risha,10 today getting old little lady...: -)
Aw! A lovely tribute D. t x
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