Happy Birthday Scarlett (Belated)

I meant to write this yesterday,
because yesterday was your birthday.
Therefore, it’s better late than never
as the old saying says.
Now Scarlett when I first saw her name appear,
it reminded me of Scarlet O’Hara
in that famous book Gone With The Wind.
However, this Scarlett is nothing like her at all.
She is warm, friendly, charming and a friend to everyone.
As a good poet and a great friend
don’t worry about looking in the mirror
to find a wrinkle or two there,
from this side of the Atlantic there is none to be seen.
A belated Happy Birthday my friend.
I sincerely hope you had a happy one
surrounded with love from your family and friends.
Once again, I shall say

by David Harris

Comments (4)

A lovely tribute to a lovely lade. t x
WELL.....as Ernestine said, this 'made my day, ' so to speak! ! I love and treasure each and every friend I make here on PH, and days like yesterday and today just prove to me WHY I love you all! ! Thank you, Dear Vicor....thank you, Cowboy! !
A wonderful act of friendship and kindness, , all displayed from one of PH's finest Take care Love duncan X
That a really nice way of saying Happy Birthday David. You will make her day. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX