Cherish every moment
In your lifetime
Enjoy every detail of it
From it's greatest beauties to a small, meaningless dime

Cherish every diamond
That rolls from your eyes
For it's a lesson learned
And a healer to your painful whys

Cherish every smile
That brightens a happy face
And aluminates the heart and soul
Filling you with joy throughout your life's race

Never Dwell
On the past wrong
Never allow depression to creep
And steal your heart's beautiful song

In the end, cherish every golden opportunity
That knocks at your door
And cease every precious moment
To allow your heart to sink and your soul to soar

by Jessica Robert

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Todd is Mary Nagy's hubby. H Thanks all for the comments. Best H
Great birthday tribute, H!
This is a nice tribute, Herbert. I don't know who Todd is, but I'm sure he will be pleased. Many hugs, CJ
Very sweet Herbert! I can't wait for him to read it! I'll thank you for him...... :) sincerely, Mary