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Happy Black
PF (03/01/90 / Knebworth, Hertz)

Happy Black

Closedown the sky
Shut off the stars
Block out the moon
Silence the cars

De-howl the wind
Unlash the rain
Blacken the snow
Wipe the sand from the plain

Dry off the sea
Drain the blue from the sky
Blow away all the clouds
With a silent sigh

Don’t let the dog bark
Or let the bird sing
Ground all the planes
Make them fold up their wings

Don’t let the heart beat
In the nervous throat
Slow down the breath
And quieten the hope

Gag the statues
Don’t let the trees breathe
Stop the babbling stream
And the talking leaves

Silence the people
Hang up the phone
Board up the house
So I'm completely alone

So black out the sky ‘cause the sun isn’t welcome anymore

Yes black out the sky
And I'll turn my back
Maybe it is true or maybe it’s false
Maybe I'm just happy black

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Very nicely done...i like your poem Gainor