Gardening In Autumn

She’s been a gardener for years
but more and more she brings
flowers inside to arrange a

new garden on her mantel.
She’s in transition, she says,
but remembers summer fondly

in the autumn of her life
and sees winter coming so
she gardens on the mantel now.

There, winter’s not a problem.
Her arrangement, she explains,
has a dahlia, last flower of summer,

bold above hydrangea leaves
burning red in the midst of fall.
The mugo pine warns of winter.

The pine she’s had for 20 years,
remembers planting it and hopes
she’s an evergreen as well.

by Donal Mahoney

Comments (8)

A beautifully envisioned thought provoking poem. Thanks for sharing it here.
shows how poetry is the clothing in words of an important idea. MM
Love and dreams! Drawn together. Thanks for sharing.
Interesting. Friendship is much more durable than love.
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