(14-2-1957 / Tamilnadu, India)

‘happy Father's Day! ' Dear Dad

Each dad adorns a special place
In life on earth so prime;
But some do well, others cannot,
Their ear-marked role mundane;
But dad is parent important,
Who matches mom somewhat;
They balance life and family,
And toil for good of all.

The sacrifices fathers do
Remains unknown to most;
Yet, dads are lesser praised than moms;
That is the way of the world!
A dad protects and guides children,
And does the harder chores;
But he is somewhat forgotten,
And not lucky like mom.

A father's love is not overt,
His strictness rules the roost;
But dads are kind and friendly too -
Something they never boast!
A dad's duties make him different,
Yet, he cares akin mom;
His heart has sorrow aplenty,
He dare not tell the world.

Dad is the sun, and mom, the moon,
Yet, both have roles to play;
They are the light in life's darkness,
Emitting in own way.
A dad is monument of bliss,
With attributes all great;
Nevertheless, he is simple,
Remaining much humble.

The family's head is father dear,
Whose role mom can't usurp;
God made Adam for a purpose,
And Eve as his life-mate!
A father is a gift from God,
Who bears a lot of stress;
A dad's wisdom one can't discern,
His face reflects not heart!

God made the awesome creature, dad,
And Eve as companion;
But both are one in flesh and blood,
And pro-create the race.
The father's voice is strong and loud,
And not always so kind;
He is the hero of the day,
No matter what world says.

Though children know that daddy's love
Is not overt like mom's,
They miss this love when once he's gone -
A void no one can fill.
Dad lives his life to help us live,
By sweat from his forehead;
Remember dad was God-chosen
To be the family's head!

Copyright by Dr John Celes 14-06-'14

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