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Happy Fathers Day 'Dad'
P Poison 9901 (January 06,1960 - 'Not Yet' / )

Happy Fathers Day 'Dad'

To many times days go by
Without me telling you just how I feel, and why
I guess it’s because the feeling is mutual and I assume it’s always there,
But I just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me, and how much I care

Thru the years I have often questioned your decisions with why?
Some were good, and some made me cry
But now that I’m older and look back in time, I understand
You were simply teaching me how to be a better man.

May times in my life, when I have been lost and went astray,
You were always there, to guide me back and show me the way
Never asking for nothing in return,
Just hoping that maybe someday I would learn

Thru your wisdom and strength, I have learned so much
Many things in life can be handled with a gentle touch
These things you’ve taught me thru out the years
Most when I was happy, and some when I was in tears

I learned from you then, and I still learn from you now
That no matter what happens, life goes on somehow
I thank god everyday for having you here,
The reasons for that are very clear

The times we share together are priceless to me,
The things we do, the things we make, and the places we see
You are the best of friends any guy could ever have had,
That’s why I'm proud to say you are my dad

The things you’ve taught me I can never repay,
I’m just glad you’re here on this very special day
I am who I am because of you,
And I just wanted to say,
“Dad I love you”

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Comments (3)

Love of Dad is something precious to everyone. Everyone has a story to tell. Lucky are those who find love in their Dad. Wonderful expressions.
awesum poem! love it..i hope my dad would lyk it becoz m writin it on his fathers day card!
Wow! ! ! I'm doing my best to hold the tears back Poison. This is a most precious tribute to your Father, he is truly blessed to have a son that would take the time to compose such a remarkable tribute. You are a very special man, a man that doesn't mind showing the world it's OK to have that soft, gentle, loving heart, a real man. I love your poem and it will be one of my favourites, Thankyou for writing this.--Melvina--