KEM (1964 / Stuttgart, Germany)

Happy Fathers Day Mom

What a wonderful Friday to leave this town
A Glorious blue sky and birds all around
Everyone celebrating their fathers for upcoming fathers day,
I smile and tingle
I could have placed some beautiful flowers upon you
But instead, I took you in a GOLDEN frame,
placed you on the dashboard and off we went!
I could hear your laughter, smell your yarn as you sat knitting,
Listen inwardly to your words and distaste for the music
You loved the speed, the hilly straight roads where no one else could go, you in your Malibu, letting me drive and feel those hills
Every curve, view, mountain, cloud, train track and horizon
Had your eyes upon it and I could feel you whisper as we rolled
My mother, My only saving grace!
You probably used to laugh then, knowing what I am only beginning to understand and believe
You lived, loved, hurt, and danced and I can recall every moment!
Thank you dear Mother and father who I can't recall.
You were there in the trees and the breeze and even in the moon,
looking down at me an laughing, like I used to mom, at your thoughts and dreams and hopes. I lived them all again today for you. For Fathers day! Thank you for riding along with me and smiling over at me when I got a little bit too much air on those curvy winding hilly roads out towards Dugway where your life began...
I love you

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Maya Angelou

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Beautiful! I love it! Well done.