Happy Female Father’s Day

I patiently waited for another year,
For father’s day to come
To wish that special person a happy day
Happy father’s day, to my mom

The father figure, was very rare
Games together were numb
I wonder what a father’s love might be
Happy father’s day, to my mom.

So on this day set aside for dads,
I want to let you know
That you are the one I treasure most,
And to you my love I owe

Thank you for another father’s day,
I longed for this day to come,
Never knowing the love, of a visiting dad
Happy father’s day, to my mom

My mother dear, my mother dear,
You are the best, in every way
So I stand tall and wish for you
A happy female father’s day.

by Troy Brown

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A unique and powerful perspective. We do have many motheres who are the only real parent that many children see and know. Well done Troy.