Happy Go Seeking

The magic moment arrive without notice left behind
No clue to have as lost in “fantasies” of one day to be maybe
Friends to have & feel in reality beyond dreams of that mind & heart,
Early in life not tragic but MAGIC, strong love found to care and have a career to be.

Deep realization demanding deep determination into satisfaction,
Pleasing and helping others at a professional working environment
Happiness fulfilling a heart, so young full of hope, bright mind & emotion
Money & recognition, in early life to result, always into improvement

When other’s weakness envy to hurt and hunt the professional passion to break its miracle,
Over & over again to a new start, better move as built no ties; rather giving away to others to have the past results,
For that heart learned the utmost lesson, strong holding success’ recipes, enabled to fly far higher away into a new cycle
To learn new lessons, taste different challenges smelling continue success, seeking for the heart wathever it takes to find its roots.

(In White, Red and Blue found Its Flag to Be
Filled with 50 bright Stars, Into a wonderful constellation,
Of Hope, Love and Loyalty to the American Constitution,
Brazilian Born forever, but Chosen America as HOME to Always BE
August 5,2007 - To Oath in 4 Days)

by Florida Angel

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