Happy Heart Is A Heart With Respect.

Where there a heart with respect is the heart of a star that is the family of Star bucks but for every star there a warm smile that say welcome to Star bucks yet o feel the respect shall fill a heart with respect.

Thus every star is the star of Star bucks that has respect for every cup of coffee that one get for it been touch with respect for respect is something special to the stars of Star bucks just to hear the stars say hello.

A beautiful day to see a warm smile thus when the family of Star bucks smile for the smile is saying welcome to Star bucks can i help you to feel welcome is like being part of Star bucks family for their heart been touch with respect.

Every min that one taste a good cup of coffee thus one taste the respect that the stars fill a cup of coffee with or who wish to be touch with the stars respect may once eyes twinkle like the stars that has respect for the stars respect is something special.

For one who wish for a angel thus one get the angel of respect for the angel of respect is family of Star bucks every warm smile that one see shall shine like the morning sun that fill the air with respect and yet the stars is the family of Star bucks.

A happy heart is a heart that been touch with respect but yet for every beat of once heart is like the beat of love but when one wish for a good cup of coffee it's Star bucks coffee that one will taste and yet just to look to the night sky for one see the stars of Star bucks.

by Raymond Sawyer

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