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Happy Holidays (To One And All)

Merry Christmas I say to one and all
Merry Christmas I will say to Paul,
With joy and happiness this sentiment I will send
Not ever will I say it to hurt, or to offend,
If as strangers you and I should ever meet
A joyful sentiment of peace and love I will send to greet,
This is such a very joyful season
In which my soul, truthfully believes in.
To those of you who also celebrate
In this time of year no one will I mock or isolate,
Eight days and nights you light your candles
Upon the candelabrums on your mantles,
Even though your religion is not the same as mine
We with God all stand on the same sacred line,
So, Happy Hanukkah I say to all
Happy Hanukkah I will say to Saul.

Randy L. McClave

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