OM (3/30/1998 / Tede)

Happy Home

Look over there!
joy and happiness unites,
as of the birds at night.
two lovers having a fun fare
even their love I perceive here,
we're one they writes!
what a glorious sight!
what! here the world lies
in thousand couple emerge
all to make a perfect tie
their love they expresses at large
for real and not in the blues
even extreme they go to pledge.

A thousand saw I at a glance
in pairs they all appear,
even if not totally clear,
only one seems to balance
this couple did not but dance
for they have no sorrow to bear
rather than to dance and bounce.
The reason I asked from the spectators
but the notion they don't know
not till l ask my tutor
that I get to know
the reason behind their joy;
a broken courtship is better than a broken home.

A couple saw I a far,
they seems to be in high glee
for overcoming the waves of the sea.
Their union leaves mouths ajar,
even of those who had a blah
don't want to but see
the magnitude of their bliss
after conquering all world wars.
A poem could not but be jealous
for the love up in the arena.
Love is stronger than hatred in deed.
What a great beginning of a happy home!

by Oladoyin Micheal

Comments (2)

Indeed Oladoyin, a happy home is not without struggles but when the struggles are handled excellently, the home becomes even stronger. You have captured this reality in a creative way in this poem!
Well conceived and nicely written, Oladoyin. Thank you