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Happy Is A Distant Memory;

I sometimes watch
and wave at
but I never take a step to her
that old friend of mine,
because no matter how many times
I shake her hand, and want to hold on,
every hi leads to “goodbye”
or “maybe some other time”
and I’m left missing something
I never thought I should have
in the first place,
and never am I familiar with the
lines upon his face
because he doesn’t stay long enough
to burn a memory in my mind
only a scar in my heart
and he never cares enough
to break it, my heart
just burn it, scar by scar.
and I paint what was
and what should be in vivid colors
on the inside of my eyelids
so I can shut out the black and white reality
to keep me company when I sleep at night
because sometimes silence follows me to my dreams
and I’m not at all sure what exactly that means,
so, it’s a Monday
do you have time to step around with me
and decipher my dreams that I’m sure
you can give meaning to,
like no one else can,
the way you did with my life
and I need you to take me to my old friend, happy
because maybe if i have someone along for the trip,
she’ll stay a little bit longer,

then, just cut my eyelids off because I won’t need the pictures
when I have perfection out in the open,
I never want to close my eyes.
let me leave myself behind as I am right now,
to be a distant friend,
that I’ll sometimes wave upon in remembrance

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