RS (11/5/62 / Pasco, Wa)

Happy Jack

The cold steely doors open
To sad gray cages
The light shines and reflects
From his ice blue eyes
A toothy puppy smile
A fuzzy black and white coat
Clean of the hardships a young pup knows
A red head spots him
And distinctively knows
The bonding is instant
The bonding is true

The puppies eyes say “I belong to you”
The heart is melted
With the color of his pelt
The smell of the puppy
The pierce of his yelp.

The love is instant
The money put down
Name goes on a list
The desire is great
The hope for this puppy
Could seal his fate.

The order put in
The chances are less
The love of a puppy
Is one of life’s best.

Low and behold
We take the puppy home
For a rinse and a rest
He proclaims his new home
Happy Jack is ready to put us to the test.

by Roddie Shanley

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