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Happy Mood

So fine a day it is today
To the world I send out my hope and care
Happy and joyful I am so to all I must say
That I will remember you all in my prayer.

I woke up with a smile upon my face
After knowing again that I was still alive
And I am not ill through GOD and his grace
Another year and night I did survive.

The morning has begun and I am awake
And my wallet is full of money
I owe no bills my finances I will not break
So I will go out while it is nice and sunny.

I will greet all comers with a wave or a hello
As I am walking down the street
I am living for the day and not for long ago
And no strangers today will I meet.

I will feed the birds and I will pet the dogs
If I decide to walk to the park
And I will not be a nuisance to any who jogs
My day is a day of happiness as I do embark.

Today is such a beautiful day
So I decided to start it off with a pleasant attitude
I wished today was a holiday
Since I woke up in a joyful and happy mood.

Randy L. McClave

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