Happy Never After

Poem By Nick Joaquin

How could I possibly stay awake
Despite knowing what horrors await me
In this life full of lies and despair
Where the only hope that remains
Is having you near me.

And yet,
However I push myself towards you,
The more I feel like we’re never meant to be,
The more we try to reach each other,
The more I feel so alone.

How could I possibly live my happily ever after
Without you by my side
Where even the fairy tales pale in comparison for how much I feel for you
When will He finish this chapter?
Does it even end?
Surely, any end is better than a one left hanging
For a simple No, might simply be the best answer
Rather than to face the agony of waiting and fear of the unknown.

Comments about Happy Never After

Truly a heart-rendering write, but beautifully written...that's life, cheer up sad soul... 😊 a big 10
Very sad poem..i can feel the anguish of the author! But a well wrtten piece.
Ouch.. this is sad. But it is nicely written. Oh love, you rule everyone's hearts.

Rating Card

2,6 out of 5
4 total ratings

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