Happy New Year

A year that will be soon gone
I seize the prayer at dawn
The insights I earned
The souls in my embrace
The inner beauty a smile on the face
The joy I was in wrapped
Drips of peace rolled down my heart
Steeped in realms of doing
Never cease to dream of being
Aches from time to time passed by my mind
Now and then blurred were my eyes
When asked if it hurt that much
No matter the scars or any scratch
I was built, empowered, energy in the universe
Gratitude for all the blessings in my purse.
A year that will be soon gone
I seize the prayer at dawn
No whining, why shall I? I have won
What I now envision wrong I did
Of the soured guilt I can't get rid
All the hurt inflicted on whom for I care
Be forgiven, that's my wish when I pray
Hostility I can no more bear
The bond I used to share now I long to regain
Love, bliss, gratification in my veins.
Happy many returns
Happy New Year.

Besma Riabi Dziri

by Besma Dziri

Comments (2)

A year passes by with some experiences of positive or negative results and a new year comes with new hopes and love, bliss, gratification. Beautifully inscribed. A brilliant work. Thanks.
i've not read the poem, but why do you type (or did PH do it?) Happynew....? ? bri ;)