Mortality, A book not read by the astutes-
It's a fool's voice known by multitudes;
A Story not told by our grandfathers
A lullaby not to be sung to toddlers
Life's Mirth no heart has merry,
the wars continues as powers tarry;
For no man has lived so wise to finish his task
And So the day of your own death- -you don't ask.

by Moses Ebuka Adebayo

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Neal, mainly I’m at a loss for what to say. I mark your verbal ingenuity and impact. I picture the homeless man well as I grew up a short walk from the Bowery in NYC, and see the homeless here. It comes—the emptyness and silliness of drunkenness on a non-holiday (in my opinion) against the stark poverty of many and, here in America, the greed-deadened hearts of politicians eager to make things even worse. -Glen
Wow this is soo creatively awesome to boot, deservedly sarcastic and sublime phrasings crafted. I ESP admired the poetic crafting, moon latticed bay and more. Kudos great poet. And happy new year still for u deserve it.
''Love somebody who Can do nothing for you. '' - we need compassion, we need empathy, we need back our humanity! A great poem with a great message!
Seamus, such a perfect poem for new year’s day👍👍👍