(14-2-1957 / Tamilnadu, India)

Happy New Year,2018

Some sadness seizes hearts and minds,
When to a halt, the Old Year grinds;
Hype soon instills both young and old,
As New Year by stealth does unfold.

The Old Year had its ‘ups and downs',
And upsets that brought forehead frowns;
Nevertheless, it sailed off well,
Although to some it seemed sure hell.

Forget the Old, ring in the New;
God springs His blessings upon you;
An awesome year awaits all souls
To realize your dreams and goals.

Let's plan to spend time usefully;
Let's live our lives most hopefully;
Let love afill the human heart;
Let nothing make a war to start.

Let fear not spoil the New Year fun;
Let all complete their jobs undone;
Let success smile in every sphere;
Let all be happy, have no fear.

The earth has food for creatures all;
There's work for both the big and small;
But man must not think he is God
And sin as if there is no rod.

Resolve to toil and spread the cheer;
Forgive your foes and persons dear;
Our earthly stay could end up fast;
Live every moment, forget past.

Let New Year usher happiness;
Let peace prevail on earth excess;
The youth is energetic, smart;
Let science develop into an art.

Let children get a fairer share;
Let's work to boost women's welfare;
Let us not fight for silly things;
Let paupers turn into great kings!

Let's wear a smile and laugh aloud;
Let's labour but live in ninth cloud;
Let's help the people in dire need;
Let's pray to God and sow each seed!
Copyright by Dr John Celes 01-01-2018

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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A well penned piece for the forthcoming year,2018. Very inspiring.