Happy New Year 2018! ! !:):) ...Our World Earth!

Every now and then, Earth has been put to test
Time has always been a silent witness all along
Sun, Moon, Stars, Wind, Clouds, Earth never rest
We Live on for things that stood firm and strong

War, Quake, Volcano eruption, Sea storming to swell
All have disrupted lives of many, shaken human world
Earth is the only hope for all life forms to thrive, dwell
Humans have already contaminated the Natural world

Time to realize Our mistake, rectify with speedy pace
We must try Our best to save, conserve and transform
Earth belongs to Us, Earth is Our Home, Our only place
We humans must resolve, restore, revive and reform

The Day, Divine Form shall reveal itself
Nature will beautify, Earth will heal by itself.

by Manjeshwari P MYSORE

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