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Happy New Year Quaint Vagabond.
AF (01/01/1939 / North - West Camberwell)

Happy New Year Quaint Vagabond.

Sing and Be Merry, Big Ben Sounds, Twelve Sure Chimes.
This Old Year is going let it Vanish. Seek a Cup of Kindness.

Perfect Strangers. Endeavour to Sing, For Auld Lang Syne.
An Old Year is Dying in this Night. Bring a New One In.

Father Time with his Scythe, he smiles that Final Farewell.
Passing of a Luckless Year. Prepare to meet a New One.

Sure Today will be Yesterday. A true End to Nonsense.
Friends here with us. Rich and Poor Memories We Share.

A New Love, Right, Hope, Peace, Trust also Prosperity.
A Good True Friend buys a round, at a busy Bistro Bar.

People rise from Tables, fresh filled glasses Raised, A Toast.
Let us not drink to Past Times. But Give to a Brighter Future.

Most People Dance with Pleasure, A Happy New Year!
You see your first drink, as that big glass of Good Health.

Turning over a New Leaf, New Year Resolutions are Made.
I Must Quit Smoking. Neighbours and Friends Wave Happily.

Spiders in shadowed nooks, busy weaving web curtains.
Trust that Lucky Black Cat, Prosperously crossing your Path.

Spirit of Celebrations. For Happy Jack, Vagabond 2013.
Living rough among deckchairs, on a Wild Promenade.

King of a never ending Road, seeking Eternal Paradise.
Dressed in Red Trousers, Yellow Coat, a Green Trilby Hat.

Quaint cheerful chap from London. We chanced to meet.
Discarding that Old Luck. Wishing all around us Warmth.

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Langston Hughes


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Quirky in a way that curiously appeals. Cheers Anthony.