Happy New Year, Sweet Love

Blissful moments in hearts though abundant ne’r last,
And mourning tears from minds though few are never past.
What art thou, love, O altruistic “sacred flame”?
Agony thou hast made me breathe to keep thy flame.
So poignant’s thy lullaby, so sore to my brain;
So stagnant look thy moves despite they lead to bane.
My heart a trophy thou hast made; uproar my tone;
My blood a drink thou hast made and thrown my bone.
Hold on, Mighty Love! Be thou informed thou art nill
Though mine is judicious, unearthly and hard to kill.

I wandered in autumn and trudged everywhere
Like a dying wave, like a wretched nightingale.
Offshore came a nymph attracting, and me did she bear:
Virtuous her looks, enlightening my face so pale;
Everlasting was her care hankering to me.
Jubilant in spirit; sweet as autumnal air;
Omnipresent and, evermore, celestial is she
Among the chosen in Elysium over there.
Nature did praise her and Neptune her did adore.
Angels whom she controlled carried me to the shore.
I reckon that was by dawn,
As light up rose and me she did approach.
Nectar divine she me did feed and soon me cured.
Since then her love hath given me love
And how to love she me did coach.
And for her deed I hold her ‘bove.
3 January 1997

by Montazar AnNayef

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