Happy New Year To All

On poemhunter's busy streets
your average Joe most surely meets
if so inclined, the cream of words
one finds the free spirits and nerds,
it's been a home to visit often
each stay means that inside we soften
and learn so effort-free from others,
then tease our new poetic brothers
and sisters, uncles like Lamont
who teaches us the proper font
and Jefferson, Sir Boxershorts
whose comments can be blunt, of sorts.
There's Jerry, Allan, Ernestine
and Mary, always on the scene,
Mahnaz and Sally, Adrienne
Ulrike, Sonja, countless men.
I cannot mention all today
but do permit me, here to say
that I am glad the wars are won
as recently I sold my gun
it's nice to come here to relax
away from telephone and fax
a cozy cabin in the woods,
no gangster clowns with funny hoods,
let's all sit by our crackling fire
read poetry that we admire
and add our humble, heartfelt lines
while tasting from those ancient wines
from genes that will not ever die
and words that laugh and sometimes cry.

Let us send praises to the man
who built this cabin for our clan
perhaps we shall, two-thousand six
through cunning and some harmless tricks
become acquainted with this kind
and generous and gracious mind.

To him and all who share this site
let us turn up our guiding light
be kind to those who may dropp in
treat all as equals, next of kin.

May all be blessed by perfect health
and those who must, God give you wealth
may happiness, a constant grin
be with you like a second skin.
For those whose names I may have missed
and others, whom in thought I've kissed
to bring this faux to my attention
the proper way that you must mention
is in the forum, your objection.
So, grab a pen and some reflection
write a rebuttal with your views
it may appear as forum news.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (4)

Have made comment on this on the Forum Herbert. Arrow pointing. Great. Love Ernestine XXX
and a Happy New Year to you too Herbet
Happy New Year to you too Herbert! Raynette
Well, I said it in the forum but I'll say it again..............Great poem Herbert! You sure know how to celebrate with a poem! :) Sincerely, Mary