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Happy New Year2018 Dear... Friendly Poets

humaree poetic kabar par..
aanna kyun chodd diya- - - -

Your words are like flowers petals...
strewn upon our lips...
now silent

is it 'coz it's too cold
or you have forgotten
poets like poet me as rotten

but alas I am only a trailing bird
flying high above in the sky
you need not hear me
but do smile
I shall come by

in my dive
I will salute you too
as you is a poet true

we are simple followers
flying for the joy of coming nearer you

O wise poet
Bless us will you

in 2018
it's now over due

by me poet yeps poet

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New Year brings joy, beauty and fortune in life. We love such Year which comes newly to us. A beautiful poem is nicely penned. May God bring unlimited happiness for you and family. Wishing you very happy New Year....10