Happy Now?

Poem By Alexander Downie

'Have you ever been depressed she asked'?
What she meant was, are you depressed.
A question that knocks the wind from your gut,
a bloody, brutal, obvious answer written in eyes.

Fifty years of surviving, staying strong, making others secure,
trampled in a gutter of lies, deceit and rejection, what fucking cure.
No focus or visualisation will lead to an end when there is no remorse,
perhaps a rope, a gun, pills or a tall building, can't be much worse!

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X is using you
Y is showing you no respect
Z ls a loser
Stop being a professional victim

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Are you scarlet like dancing fires, passion, romance and vice.
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Your guts scream stop and the sordid sickness make flesh fade
Without closure there are no new roads just dark paths to the past
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She looked for a good man.
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