(28th August 1950 / Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Happy Pongal!

Rain in Summer and Fall seasons fall to fill up
Rivers, lakes and dams necessary for irrigation
in agricultural fields, the production of Hydro-
Electric power, thermal power and drinking purpose!

South-West and North-East monsoons bring good rains
Every year for rich growth of various crops on fertile
Soil for a big harvest in the month of January sure to
Celebrate as Festival of Harvest by farmers and all!

In gratitude to Rain, Sun and Oxen and Cows for their
Grand service for the survival of whole humanity and
All living beings are worshiped as Gods forever in the
Festival after harvest of rice, sugarcane and other crops!

Rice with milk is boiled in a mud pot and share as the
Pongal with all, offering it first to Sun on this auspicous
Day and go all over the place with decorated oxen and cows
All saying in top voices, "Happy Pongal! " wishing all in joy!

by Ramesh T A

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