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Happy & Sad
( / Digboi(Assam))

Happy & Sad

Poem By Sumita Datta

Happy and Sad – never come together
They are very different in nature,

Happy is very cute, always smiling
Sad is just opposite, very depressing….

Sad is very jealous of Happy
The moment sad is in, Happy feels unsteady...

When Happy is with me, I am also very happy
But the moment Sad is in, I feel scared and shaky…

I just want to be alone, when I am with sad,
Though I know that he is very bad….

I know I can’t escape from sad
If I try to run away, I will go mad…

So, I try to react normal, irrespective of each other
I know that one is going to come after another…

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Comments (4)

happiness and sorrow- treat them equal and impassoinatey...good concept...well said, Sumita 10
Im very new to this site and your poem is one of the first poem I really really like. Keep up a good work! !
Hmm......... Happy and sad sometime look to be the two sides of the same coin. Good write, its so much of a truth in everyone's life.
Life thrives in mutualism, sad and bad go in hand for they are part of us as humans. Great idea! 10 for you.