Poem Hunter
Happy Valentine Day
(1965 / Abor, Volta Region, Ghana)

Happy Valentine Day

last night I thought of you and me
the days we spent together
and the tears we saved all the years

let me tell you this secret
deep inside my heart
I’ve kept a little box
it is a box of memories
I created about you

any time I miss your presence
I retrace my steps
looking for footprints of you and me
on trails in the park and in the sand-dunes at the playground
sometimes, I look for your smiles
that are engraved on the petals of the flowers
that always hang on the door at Christmas
that was when our love was full of memories

really, all these bring me tears
when I look inside the box
the box of memories inside my heart
that I created about you

sometimes, there are stories I want to share
to tell you, you are the song in my heart
that I couldn’t sing
the rhythms in my heartbeat
and the footprints on my soul that I could hardly erase

all these I have kept
deep inside a little box
a box of memories
I created about you

I wish tonight I could tell it all
in your presence with a shout of ululations
to let the world know
you are the only one
my only Valentine

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