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Happy Valentine's Day
KH (October 11,1988 / West Allis, Wisconsin)

Happy Valentine's Day

A normal day for you, may not be so for me
Appearance is decieving, I shall never be free
Torture that is hiding, never far away
So you wouldn't think that on Valentine's Day,
That it would be worse, loneliness too strong
I know it must be me, they can't all be wrong
The pain of isolation, tears me up inside
The seclusion is total, about which I've often lied
Tears well up inside me, I choke them down with force
And you don't even notice, don't know that you're the source
You look at me with scorn, disgust contempt and hate
So I give in, I can't continue this debate
I've decided that since you despise me so much
I will withdraw from this world, far out of touch
So this is the last, before I go away
I hope never to see you again. Happy Valentine's Day.

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Man, Eddie, that's exactly how I feel every Valentine's Day. Great job.