Happy With The Things I Like About You

The happiest man on this planet today
Happened to come by my way
I looked into his blue eyes
And returned the smile.
He told me that he so enjoys singing these days
And I sat and hoped that he did not mind if I joined him.
He didn’t.
We sang different songs about the rights and wrongs,
and how we found love and how sometimes it went wrong
I asked him if he knew where the best place to stay is and he replied
“Why of course it is here, and nothing seems better than over there”
and with that I understood.
I wondered if his family missed him while he was away and I thought I heard him say
“Can’t you see that they are with me now and will always be”
I politely smiled and felt embarrassed like a child.
I thought I would be clever and I asked him one more question but if I am to be honest it was his suggestion.
I asked if it was true that London Bridge fell down and if it were for the fairness of a fair lady
He answered “ I’ll tell you this only once but don’t think of it as a secret. The reasons the winds blow are not ours to know hence the wonder in our minds lives for all time.
Well I said that’s good reason enough for me.
I truly have learnt so much today
I hope by chance you happen to come by my way
And that the next time I am as wise as I can be
And that you will still want to sit and sing songs with me.

by Lindsay Crosby

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