Happy With What You Got.

there seems to be a pattern here.
some thing that keeps happening
a place i keep going
a feeling i keep feeling
people that keep hurting.
what is it that makes me
so prone to this?
what is it that is causing
every one to give up on me?
trying to fix everything that they dont like,
but that never seems to be enough
they pick me apart
they tell me how to think,
and i miss how i used to look at things
i miss the old me
but they dont care.
they only want me if i am the me that they like
who cares if im not the me that i like?
there is no more me
just them
just the ones that change me every time
that i am able to accecpt the new me.
they tell me
that im to sad
that what i write is to sad
that i need to be happy
but then when i do what they want
they change their minds again.
well i give up.
deal with me the way i am
and be happy with what you got.

by chantel weston

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