A noble death,
That's all they ask,
With no regret,
Seems to be a must.

The word itself,
I like it quite well,
To die by yourself,
A dream I would never sell.

But the more I like it,
The more it seems I hate it,
I hate the fact that it's selfish,
To take once life with honor.

Killing oneself just to keep that honor,
then tell me where's the honor,
There is no honor in death,
But there is honor in life itself.

Honor is kept in the heart of the people,
those you've helped in different trouble,
You can't find that in death,
Rather in life that you've kept.

Want to die with honor,
Then live your life,
Don't escape your troubles,
Instead live until you die by nature.

by Lendl Ian Servillon

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