PIH (17/09/1987 / )

Harassed / Sensetized

We discussed about ‘Sexual harassment’
In class the other day.
Every guy present there vowed to
Never harass a girl, as it was unethical and
Because they were asked -
How would they feel if the same happened to their sisters?
They answered - ‘Bad’ - in unison
And said they were a sensitized bunch.

Minutes later, just outside the college
Unruly and cheap guys
And some of the guys present in the class
Whistled as she passed them by
Dropped sleazy remarks and
Ogled at her assets.

Some of us girls
Tried to help the poor girl who had tears in her eyes,
But we too got brushed aside
And had to bear the shady comments from cheap guys.

And what did they, the GUYS do?
- Just enjoyed the scenes unfold.
Their feet stuck with fevicol to the ground
And eyes and ears feeling the sadistic pleasure
They didn’t do a damn thing

Their conscience isn’t conscious enough
About the right and wrong
Male chauvinism is a mere bluff.
If that girl were their sister, would they still be so nonchalant?

And they call themselves ‘sensitized’
(Yeah right * smirking *)
Try putting yourself in our shoes
And you shall restore your values.

(23 August 2006)

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If a dog barks at the sun, does the sun feel for it. Once girls ignore, the boys may not repeat it. On the other hand, if they respond, they will howl again. Perhaps, the Indian culture has changed because of the wrong influence of the Cine world.
Very well received - [wish that all males would get that message] - an excellent message and well presented Preeti. Love, Colleen.
preets...ahh boy trouble...was the same in my collage days in Delhi too...never took it lying down...we call it 'Eve teasing'...sensitizes? ...they just grow out of it! ! ! ...love...nalini