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Poem By SarahJane Platt

My bus pass came today
I got it through the post
I take the bus 'bout every day
More frequently than most.

It's nice to have a bus pass
Means I don't have to pay
But there's this other feeling
Knew it would come one day.

Its that bus pass lying there,
Says to me 'You're old!
The government has got you now
In a werewolf's hold

Now everything is regulated,
Housing, pension, care...
But if they've no bed for you to die in
They'll leave you lying there.

They'll sigh in young frustration
As they pass you in the street
They'll laugh because you're old
With unsure, fumbling feet.

So take the bus, don't worry!
It'll save your legs a mile. '
But I know the younger ones
Will stand me in the aisle.

Yet I still have my pride
And Youth won't conquer me
That feeling of decrepitude?
For now, I'll leave it be.

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