ME (05/31/1962 / NJ)

Hard Ache

So many times I have waited your way.
I recall the good and the bad times.
Now all I see is so long and farewell.
How could I have seen life this day?

No more tomorrows to face hard aches.
The answers are now final I no the future.
Everybody sees the consequences to come.
I have to let you all know that there is no pain.

The sweat runs down my face profusely.
Society needs to face me back into reality.
One eve in the wild city nights might help.
Moments fly when walking ever uselessly.

I am no longer waiting for you to come.
The key was taken away for the next face.
I don’t regret what has happened in this life.
There are always changes occurring for some.

Maybe I am not the best at what I do.
You see I never run away from my fears.
Always be careful for what you wish.
It might come true very, very soon.

My life has been chosen though not with you,
But I wait for the next person standing in line.
Always travel the right direction to succeed.
And don’t leave it in a memory that isn’t true.

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